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TFR319 - elephantknuckle - FAT - The Worst Of...

elephantknuckle - FAT: The Worst Of...

01 - Robots appreciate insanity
02 - The Kool Aid Conundrum (Feat. VULGAR DISEASE)
03 - Taking One for The Team (Is She or Isn't He)
04 - Monsters in My Flesh
05 - how many bugs are crawling beneath your skin
06 - Dystopian Evolution and the Fragrance of Change
07 - Ouija (The 2nd Killing)
08 - Axis II - Schizoid Personality Disorder
09 - The Death of Privacy
10 - Responsibilities of the Mustache (Lest Thou Forget Thy Grindcore)
11 - She Interrupts
12 - she only uses the dull razor
13 - Nine Vulvas in a Shoe Box
14 - Narcissistic Theme Song
15 - Fat Chicks and El Caminos
16 - FAT (The Abortion Song)
17 - A Gimp's Life
18 - big bad girls (and those that love them)
19 - Beer vs. Sex vs. Food vs. Death
20 - Gris-gris (Believe) (feat. Lord Andrew)
21 - Disco Days on Horror Hill (feat. Give Nothing, Take Everything!)
22 - When Madness Becomes Salvation
23 - This song SUCKS, a Ramones sample couldn't even make it better
24 - Watchin' Grandma's Vaginoplasty Surgery (With My Pants Around My Ankles)
25 - Stepping On Butterflies
26 - Robots tend to hate elephantknuckle
27 - Lakes of Adipocere
28 - death of cartoon innocence
29 - I Found Her Bloated and Floating, I Found Love
30 - Ink
31 - at the drive-in with my girlfriend's head in a garbage bag in the back of my truck
32 - Marching Into Another World War
33 - The World Has Ended And Left Me Here
34 - Strange and Evil Lives Lived by Those that Perish Slowly
35 - Skin to Bone (feat. VULGAR DISEASE)
36 - Simplicity in Murder
37 - Rock staR
38 - 1984 (The 1st Killing)
39 - I saw Jesus Christ in my toast, and he never tasted so good
40 - Simple Simon
41 - Carnival of amputee midgets
42 - Autoerotic Asphyxiation
43 - Once The Holy Device
44 - Suicide Girl (She is Dead Outside but Warm Inside)
45 - Día de los Muertos
46 - Axis I - Dissociative Fugue
47 - Parasitical Overlords of the Outer Lands
48 - Schadenfreude
49 - Your Mother’s Twat is Hot, but Your Daughter’s is Hotter
50 - Sweet Carnal Necrosis
51 - Electro Lust & the Midnight Gnostic
52 - Robots will be human


Released on Torn Flesh Records, November, 2011
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs



All Music and Lyrics by elephantknuckle (unless otherwise noted).
elephantknuckle wishes to give credit to all the movies, songs, TV shows, serial killer and news samples, and sound effects that were used in this production.
Special THANKS to all the Bands, Artists, Labels, and Fans who have helped support elephantknuckle over the years. You know who you are. Massive RESPECT. This album is for you.
This is the WORST OF...

elephantknuckle - FAT - The Worst Of... (Bonus Disc)

01 - elephantknuckle - Obesity Corrupts Absolute (Kvlt Remix)
03 - Vulgar Disease - Beware of the Elephant [Vulgar Disease Mix]
04 - Norwood Grimes - Children of Ouija
05 - elephantknuckle - Fat Chicks and El Caminos (Elevator Lounge Mix)
06 - Blasphemation - Lucidity In Wonderland
07 - Azkeel Vampyr - Marching Into Another World War (Bastardized Mix)
09 - Stirner - Natural Expulsion of Parasitism Homo Sapiens (STIRNER DemixXx 2011 AB)


Remixes/Covers of elephantknuckle songs

Bonus Disc

Released on Torn Flesh Records, November, 2011
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs

Special thanks to all the bands that remixed and covered the tunes. They came out SICK!!!


Vulgar Disease

Norwood Grimes


Azkeel Vampyr (from JIGSAW MASSACRE)




Reviewer: Gastrorrexis - - November 3, 2012
Subject: elephantknuckle - FAT: The Worst Of... Review
This album starts off with computer voices, an obvious electronic intro. This pretty much sets the stage for the album, as the album is very heavily electronic. Heavily sampled, this album possessed a wide variety of samples: sex sounds, monsters, American Pie, Family Guy, a harmonica, a gun cocking and firing, and SpongeBob to name a few. elephantknuckle holds nothing back, so if you're easily offended (you listen to TFR so we assume you aren't) then perhaps the wide variety of sexual noises, saying, words, and references just aren't for you. I'm curious though, as to how many of the sample were originally meant to be sexual, because some of them definitely depend upon context.

Now musically, this album is all about variety. Even the mood varies between songs, sometimes happy, even though usually mysterious, perverted, or angry. But first we'll be focusing on the instruments. This album has bells, guitars, drone noises, drums (electronic and realistic kits, ) and various synths. There are a variety of bass synths, at least five, and string synths too. Some of the instruments sound like they are samples, but still, nothing wrong with a little bit of acoustic instrumentation too. Excluding the intro and outro, no two songs on this album are alike.

The vocals are (for the most part) impossible to understand and heavily distorted. elephantknuckle uses metal vocals as well as normal vocals digitally distorted. This style not my favorite, but you get used to it. Sometimes they seem off time or free of time, but perhaps that's just me being too picky. Honestly, the vocals are what I like least about the album, but if I had to rate 'em I'd give them a 3 out of five. Not my favorite, but I don't hate them.

Overall the music is good. Many songs sound trippy and mysterious; some are danceable too, while others change too much to be easily danceable too. The mood is pulled off by the instrumentation and the use of computer effects, such as distortion, echoes, looping, drops, 32nd and 64th note kicks, reverb, and computer drums. Another plus for this album is it uses sides, meaning the sounds go from ear to ear, not just mono all the time.

Finally, the spirit of the album is shown in the song names. One of the songs I particularly liked was "Monsters In My Flesh." This song is spooky, trippy, slow, and a good song overall, probably my favorite on the whole album. Another I liked was "The Death of Privacy." It begins with a jazz feel. The slow tempo leads to faster more metallic sound, but the song is still low key. :Simple Simon" is a song that starts with screaming and a chainsaw, which morphs to synth. Very cool effect. With the interesting and weird song names, such "Suicide Girl (she is dead outside but warm inside,)" and "Nine Vulvas in a Shoe Box," this album is completed in both variety and eccentricity.

Reviewer: tornfleshrecords - - November 19, 2011
Subject: Truly the Worst Of...
Missed the past albums by everyone's FAT bastard? No worries, enjoy, FAT - The Worst Of... This "best of" comp features songs that span all of the elephantknuckle releases (which you can download for free on TFR), some new ones, and some brutal remixes and covers. Enjoy. Stay FAT. Stay TORN.
Reviewer: TFRbiggestfan - - November 15, 2011
Subject: nothing petite about this ek album
Hailing from the land of high cholesterol and borderline plaque lined arteries, (yes, of course I’m reading an article on myocardial infarction…lol), where was I, yes… Nestled in a plush bed, tweaking on Twinkies and HoHo’s, I’m certain that we would find ek rubbing Dorito cheese all over himself (I’ll spare you the details of what we may find in the folds of skin, but rest assured it smells divine), but here he sits, well maybe propped up with some 2 by 4’s, my love elephantknuckle… haha that makes me gag.

Seriously has anyone seen this guy…my point exactly!

elephantknuckle - FAT: The Worst Of... Specially formulated by your satire master, delivering political and social commentary in the guise of insane rants and grinding beats, and there’s nothing petite about this ek album. This album is jam-packed with what ek is known for, FAT FUN, and of course it never falls short on fucking with your memories, emotions, maybe even some silent mind conditioning, and all sorts of other mental flotsam tainted with every new experience you gain…lol.

In addition to all this, your expectations are going to be powerfully influenced by the bands that remixed and covered the ek tunes… this list includes BLOODINGTON, Blasphemation, PiGSHiT, Vulgar Disease, Norwood Grimes, Azkeel Vampyr and Stirner… they were fucking awesome.

My favorite tracks on this album are Fat Chicks and El Caminos (Elevator Lounge Mix), I loved the intro Robots appreciate insanity, she only uses the dull razor, Simplicity in Murder, Stirner - Natural Expulsion of Parasitism Homo Sapiens (STIRNER DemixXx 2011 AB), BLOODINGTON - MAKE TORMENT FUN AGAIN (BLOODINGTON REMIX) Norwood Grimes - Children of Ouija, basically the whole fucking album and the bonus disc.

I ended up listening to this album in a bubble bath with a glass of cheap wine, I even add a few candles…try it. Add a friend if you like. The more the merrier. Just make sure to order the king size tub and multiple boxes of wine.

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